Motorised Sailplanes

  • DG 400

    DG 400

    Motorised Sailplanes Bacchus Marsh (Victoria) February 15, 2018 85000.00 Australian Dollars

    VH – IPL DG 400, 4 – 100 Excellent condition, 1927 hrs. airframe, 214 hrs. engine. BEA auto engine retract, EGT, PU refinish, Mountain High oxy, Cambridge 302/303, Tasman flight computer, DG service contract, Jaxida canopy cover, fresh Form 2, parach...

  • Super Ximango VH-GFU

    Super Ximango VH-GFU

    Motorised Sailplanes Perth (Western Australia) October 17, 2017 70000.00 Australian Dollars

    VH_GFU SUPER XIMANGO. Two seat side by side . 32:1 L/D . Rotax 912 Liquid cooled 4 stroke. Engine time 1015 hours. Hoffman 3 position prop. Wings fold to fit in standard hangar. Retractable undercarriage. Always hangered. Western Australia. A great t...

  • TAURUS 503

    TAURUS 503

    Motorised Sailplanes (Western Australia ) June 19, 2017 165000.00 Australian Dollars

    TAURUS 503 VH-NUF 3 year old Taurus M powered by an air cooled two stroke two cylinder 50 hp Rotax 503 engine. Two seat side by side spacious self-launching glider. Only 120 Total hours and only 30 Engine hours. Comes with Pipistrel 5 year extended W...



    Motorised Sailplanes Lake Keepit Soaring Club (NSW) July 27, 2016 13000.00 Australian Dollars

    VH-HDF Monerai P. Self launching, 12 metre span, 582 hrs airframe, 20 hrs engine. Fly with or without engine. Engine can be run continually, so it can be flown like an ultralight. Current Form 2 , 30 year survey done, licensed trailer, tow out gear. ...

  • DG500M


    Motorised Sailplanes Bathurst (NSW) July 22, 2016 95000.00 Australian Dollars

    VH-XQK, two seat, self launching motor glider in good condition. 60HP Rotax 535C. Has been syndicate owned since being imported new in 1992. Always hangared. Comes with recent form 2 annual inspection(Nov. 2016) when all fuel lines renewed. Price is ...

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