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  • Glider Trailer for Sale

    Glider Trailer for Sale

    Trailers Adelaide (SA) February 27, 2019 3200.00 Australian Dollars

    Glider Trailer for sale To suit (just about) any single seater. In great condition, new brake lines and master cylinder, will be sold with new light-truck tyres. Currently vic registered & ready to roll. Located in Adelaide. Was purchased to hous...

  • Cambridge 302 & Nav Display - PRICE DROPPED

    Cambridge 302 & Nav Display - PRICE DROPPED

    Varios / Glide Computers Adelaide (South Australia) May 31, 2018 1000.00 Australian Dollars

    Cambridge 302 Vario & 303 Nav Display, GPS engine just replaced by Ian McPhee. Has IGC for sailplanes as well as ENL for motorgliders. Air temperature probe included. $850 AUD

  • Borgelt B600 with Averager & GPS - SOLD

    Borgelt B600 with Averager & GPS - SOLD

    Sold March 13, 2018 Check with seller

    B600 (linear scale version of the B800 with averager display) air data variometer system including GCD, GPS module, universal power/dataport and new speaker. Air data for speed to fly, navigation and glide calculations shown on GCD, interface with Ou...

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